Looking for a bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor? You're in luck! We've compiled a list of the 10 best options on the market, complete with pros and cons for each. Whether you're looking for an energy-efficient model or one with powerful suction, we've got you covered.

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How We Choose The Best For You

Finding the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor, can be difficult especially if you don't know where to start.

Most of the time, people just buy the first one they see on Amazon without doing any research. This can lead to a lot of wasted money and time.

Our team has personally read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor for your Home. We only recommend products that have 4 or 5 stars and are backed by real customer reviews. Keep reading to find the perfect fit for your needs!

1. The Homewerks 7136-02HW

This is a top of the line bathroom vent fan that also doubles as a powerful exhaust ventilation fan for larger rooms. This top of the line product is designed to be ultra-quiet, boasting a 1.0 sone rating, and also features an energy star rating, making it one of the most efficient bathroom vent fans on the market. The 140 CFM is perfect for rooms up to 140 sq. ft. and provides powerful airflow. Sensor detects humidity level in the room to turn bath fan on/off

Bathroom Vent Fan with Automatic Humidity Sensor and Powerful Exhaust Ventilation Fan for Large Room 140 CFM Whisper Quiet 1.0 Sone Energy Star

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"This was the first item that was added to my bathroom remodel, and I love it! It’s small and just fits into the ceiling so it’s not even noticeable. There is barely a hum when it is turned on, and it’s a great addition to the room. I’m super happy with it and would recommend it for anyone that wants a quiet and reliable fan."

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2. The Homewerks 7145-80V-HS

This is a high-performance bathroom exhaust fan that helps to keep your home free of moisture and humidity. This Homewerks Dual Speed bath fan with LED Light has a Humidity Sensor that Automatically turns on and adjusts Fan Speed based on humidity levels. This exhaust fan on low setting (60% Humidity) operates at a quiet 1 Sones at 80 CFM which means it is whisper quiet during operation. On High setting (80% Humidity) it is 1.5 sones (equivalent to rustling leaves) and 110 CFM. The integrated LED light provides bright, even illumination, while the Automating Humidity Sensor ensures that the fan turns on and off as needed to maintain optimal indoor air quality.

Dual Speed Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Integrated Dimmable LED and Automating Humidity Sensor, 1.0-1.5 Sones 80-110 CFM, Smart Moisture White

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"Just installed it. Seems to work as it should. The noise level seems reasonable. The light seems adequate for the space. The motion detection seems to work, but I don't know how to integrate motion detection with the regular on-off function. Have not yet had experience with the automatic humidity detection feature."

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3. The Panasonic FV-0510VSC1 WhisperValue DC Ventilation Fan

This is an energy-saving ceiling or wall mount bathroom fan that is perfect for the home. This fan features a condensation sensor for humidity control, and it is Energy Star certified. The 50-80-100 CFM fan has three speeds, and it can be used in either exhaust or recirculation mode. The WhisperValue DC Ventilation Fan also features a nightlight, and it comes with eye bolts for easy installation. The 3-3/8-inch housing depth is the slimmest design available on the market.

Exhaust Fan with Condensation Sensor for Humidity Control, 50-80-100 CFM, Energy Star Certified Energy-Saving Ceiling or Wall Mount Bathroom Fan for the Home

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"It would be very productive to note that the fan has an oval exhaust while the standard ceiling exhaust is round. customer has too buy an adapter."

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4.  Broan-NuTone AE110 Invent Flex Energy Star Qualified Single-Speed Ventilation Fan

Looking for a top-quality ventilation fan that can help you save energy and keep your home well-ventilated? Look no further than the this powerful fan which features a 110 CFM airflow capacity and 1.0 sones sound level, making it perfect for preventing odors, humidity, and mold in your home. Easy to install new/replace existing product with retrofit installations that can be done entirely from the room-side – no attic access required

TrueSeal Damper Technology, InVent fans reduce air leakage by up to 50% compared to competitive models, resulting in better home performance via blower door tests and reducing cold and warm air backdrafts. Energy Star Qualified Single-Speed Ventilation Fan, 110 CFM 1.0 Sones, White

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"The product is easy to install and it is very quiet compared to the locomotive we had before. The cover is very beautiful and overall it looks nice on the ceiling. It also sucks out the water vapor quickly. Highly recommended."

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5. The Tech Drive Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan

This Exhaust Fan with Humidity sensor is a top of the line product that is sure to meet all of your needs. This fan has a powerful 110 CFM motor that will quickly and easily ventilate your bathroom, while the humidity sensor ensures that your fan will turn on automatically when needed. The 6 inch duct ensures that your fan will be able to quickly and easily ventilate your bathroom, while the 0.8 sones noise level means that you won't have to worry about disturbing your family or roommates. Two operation options: 1. Manual mode-The RED LED indicator lights, the fan will run continuously in this mode. 2. Humidity sensing mode- The LED indicator light will be green.

Exhaust Fan with Humidity sensor,110CFM 0.8 Sones with 6inch Duct. Very quiet bathroom fan (0.8 sones) and Strong air movement (110CFM) for bathroom up to 110 Sq. Ft. Recommened for use in large room

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"Great product for the price, noise couldn’t be better but over all great"

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6. The Delta BreezSignature humidity sensor fan

This is a top quality product that is built to last. The fan blades are made of durable material that is designed to resist corrosion, and the motor is powerful enough to move a large volume of air. The BreezSignature also features a humidity sensor that turns the fan on when it detects moisture in the air.

Precision engineered with DC brushless motor for extended reliability, this fan will outlast many household appliances. Easily switch in and out of humidity sensing mode by toggling wall switch.

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"Great exhaust fan - love it. Can definitely see the difference with this unit sensing humidity and turning on at the right time. Easy to install, works well, easy to adjust sensitivity. Worth the investment."

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7. The Hauslane Electric Bathroom Fan

This is a top-of-the-line model that is ideal for preventing moisture build-up in your bathroom. Strong motor rated at 120 CFM to remove moisture from a hot shower and help preventing mold & mildew in your bathroom. It features a humidity sensor that automatically turns on the fan when it detects high levels of moisture, and a motion sensor that keeps the fan running for a few minutes after you leave the room to make sure all the moisture is removed. Prefect for any remodeling project with no attic access or low-profile ceiling

Strong motor rated at 120 CFM to remove moisture from a hot shower and help preventing mold & mildew in your bathroom. Ultra Quiet Exhaust, Perfect to Improve Airflow & Air Circulation – Suitable for 120 sqft Room

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"Got this to replace my Broan bathroom fan. Worked better than I could ever imagined. Buy this, you wont be disappointed"

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8. The Broan-Nutone QTXE110S Ultra-Silent Ventilation Fan

This is an ideal choice for any home or bathroom. This fan is ENERGY STAR certified and only uses 0.7 sones, making it one of the most efficient models on the market. In addition, the QTXE110S can move 110 CFM of air, making it ideal for larger rooms. Ventilation fan helps eliminate , tobacco smoke, and cooking odors in a near-silent performance in rooms up to 105 sq. ft. to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Automatically powers on once it detects a rise in and features an auto on/off switch programmable from 5-60 minutes

Operates at 110 CFM and 0.7 Sones and is motor engineered for continuous operation to provide the best performance. Includes 6" ducting for high-quality performance and hanger bars to provide a fast installation in 2" x 8" construction spaces

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"This Poor thing, I mounted it right above my toilet. If reincarnation were true, I can't even imagine what someone could've ever done to become this fan, having to endure such unnatural, unhuman, godawful odors (not from me of course, but from others in my home)."

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This is an ultra-quiet KAZE SEP120H bathroom exhaust fan with a powerful 120 CFM. It also has humidity sensing capabilities to help prevent mold and mildew. Sound level of 0.3-Sones and is suitable for bathroom size up to 120 square feet. Installation was easy, and the unit is very quiet. Automatically switch on/off the fan unit to maintain desirable humidity level and hands free operation. The only down side is that it does not have a timer, but overall we are very happy with this product.

Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation Fan (120 CFM, 0.3 Sone, Humidity Sensing). Removable 6 inch metal duct with back draft prevention damper. Includes 4 inch duct reducer.

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"Extremely quiet. I would recommend spending a little extra to get the one with the LEDs. I had forgotten to turn this off so many times since you can't hear it runs. I ended up putting in a timer switch, so it will automatically turn off in case I forget."

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10. The Delta BreezProfessional Pro300

This is a high-performance Delta Breeze bathroom exhaust fan that offers a powerful 300 CFM airflow. This ceiling mount ventilating fan is rated for continuous running and designed to provide superior ventilation in large bathrooms.  The Pro300 also comes with a built-in heater that helps to improve air circulation and prevent mold and mildew growth. It features a low noise operation at 2.0 Sones and Energy efficiency at 7.3 CFM/Watt.

Green LED indicator light to show power is on. ENERGY STAR qualified with Brushless DC Motor technology

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"I researched quite a bit before I bought this and I am not disappointed. Super clean look that blends nicely into the ceiling. I plan on buying this again when I redo our other bathroom."

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Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor can be a great asset your Home. By installing one of these fans, you can keep your bathroom fresh and oderfree while also removing any excess moisture from the air. Have you ever used these type of fans? Let us know in the comments what your experience was like. Did it make a big difference in how comfortable your bathroom felt?

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